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Andrew Wheeler



  • Bachelor of  Kinesiology from Trinity Western University

  • Played pro Hockey in Europe

  • Performance coach for Hockey drylands training

  • Talented juggler

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology from University of the Fraser Valley

  • Played ice Hockey for Chilliwack Chiefs and Vancouver Giants

  • Current goalie for high level Men's Field Hockey

about kinesiology

Registered Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who use a multidisciplinary approach to human performance and movements. They take into consideration the factors which limit and enhance one's capacity to move.

Our Registered Kinesiologists will design and conduct health and wellness programs for all age groups in any aspect of the clients goals: active rehabilitation, exercise therapy, injury prevention, sport specific training, ICBC and or worksafe injuries. Exercise and lifestyle based services to enhance a person's quality of life and work to increase their general strength.

In a session the client has an active role and their feedback and input enables the Kin to make adaptions to the exercise program on the spot to best suit the client.

The goal is to restore joint range of motion, function, improve strength, correct imbalances and compensatory patterns, or reduce pain using an evidence based treatment model for clients to correct their body mechanics and restore mobility to injured areas.